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Aseptic Air Control is the importer and distributor for the manufacturers of FDA cleared devices used to eliminate airborne particulates from the air located in close proximity to areas subject to contamination.

During surgical procedures, insertion of invasive devices such as picc-lines, the changing of surgical and burn dressings, and other high-risk procedures, the chance for contamination leading to infection is paramount.

In the operating room, where the environment is under strict control, the literature shows that about 33% of surgical-site infections are the result of air-borne particles that drift into the “sterile zone” and directly onto instruments and implants during the procedure. In other areas where there is little or no environmental air control, such as in patient rooms, ER’s, Cath. labs and other similar areas, the chance for contamination is greatly increased, resulting in even higher rates of infection.

Aseptic Air Control, LLC is the US based, FDA registered supplier of the Operio®, SteriStay® and SurgiCube® brand products produced in Sweden and the Netherlands.  To contact Aseptic Air Control email: or call 1-800-448-0131.

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