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“Everything which is to come into contact with the wound has been made sterile, except the air, which is in contact with everything”. –  Whyte 1973

Aseptic Air Control, LLC, is proud to offer SteriStay, a portable, adjustable-height instrument table that combines standard ease of use with a unique protective environment.  Now FDA Cleared. SteriStay uses its own HEPA filter to create an ultraclean airflow over your sterile instruments, guaranteeing a clean air environment with less than 5cfu/m³ of air and thereby preventing dangerous contamination from airborne bacteria and other debris.  SteriStay can be used in all types of operating rooms and surgical preparation rooms independent of the ventilation system where sterile instruments are handled.  Its mobility allows your staff to prepare the table in advance and under safe and secure hygienic conditions.  By preparing your table before entering the operating room, you can minimize set up and turnover time to maximize the productivity of each OR.  Additionally, SteriStay ensures that your sterile field lives up to its name, protecting instruments and implants during both preparation and the procedure itself.

  • Safe and ultraclean sterile preparation environment.
  • Instruments are kept “sterile” during the entire surgery.
  • Ultraclean safety zone where it is needed most.
  • Increased number of air exchanges and reduced amount of particles in the entire operating room with 400 m3 of air cleaned every hour through the HEPA filter.
  • Built-in ultraclean air flowthat is always optimally aimed and focused.
  • Better logistics and increased productivity.

SteriStay Data Sheet

Air fl ow: 400 m 3/h
Speed: 0.4–0.5 m/s laminar air flow
Length, work surface:  67”
Width, work surface:  51 X 23”
Height, work surface: adjustable  31 X 47”
Filter: High efficiency particulate filter, HEPA, class H14 (99,995% MPPS)
For further information please contact: Aseptic Air Control, LLC  (800) 448-0131

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